About Us

Our History

A.R. Malton Roofing and Restorations was founded by Reginald and Rose Malton in 1935 in the city of St. Catharines.  The company has continually operated since then, and it is the oldest roofing company in the region and surrounding area.  We approach the roofing projects through engineering, architectural, building science and art.

Our areas of focus are in the residential roofing, commercial and industrial-institutional.  Throughout the many decades of servicing the Niagara Region we have earned the trust and held the privilege to serve repeat customers and their new generations.

We will visit your home and/or place of project, will assess your needs and will design a variety of suitable approaches commensurate to your plans and budget.

Thank you for having trusted us for nearly 80 years.

Francesco A. Giovannone

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